Tuesday, February 25, 2014

$1 J.Crew Denim Vest

Necklace // Top 

Just another reason why garage sales are the absolute best. I snatched up this {practically brand new} j.crew jean jacket a couple weeks ago and have fallen in love with it ever since! I love the layered look it gives, and I can't wait to find new ways to wear it! Oh, and just in case you were wondering I found a similar {quite possibly the same exact jacket I bought} online HERE
$100 vs. 4 quarters.
That's pretty unreal if you ask me.

Are you a fellow garage saler? What have been some of your best finds?

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Natalie's Style

Scarf: A Gift
Sweater: Gap
Shirt: Target
Pants: Kohl's
Shoes: Jack Rogers

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jack Rogers Lover

I have been bitten by the Jack Rogers bug! I first fell in love with these sandals when I saw them on my cousin at Thanksgiving one year. Every time I saw her with them on I'd secretly steal borrow them and walk around, trying them on for fun! {I sound like such a loser I know!}
Then when I got to high school it seemed like every single teenage girl owned a pair. I'll be honest, I wanted a pair at first just so I could fit into the so called 'club' at school. So for my 15th birthday I asked for a silver pair and I wore them nonstop, feeling so cool that I finally owned a pair of my own Jacks.
Living in the sunshine state, I definitely wear these shoes multiple times a week {even right now during the winter time!} They're always my go-to shoe.
Ever since my first pair, I've steadily added pairs to my collection and I still plan on adding many more!
Here are the sandals I intend on buying one day!

I mean just look at them, they're beautiful and a tortoise pattern so of course I want need them!

I love love love these. They remind me of princess shoes, and every girl should own a pair of shoes that make her feel like a princess!

 I can't decide on which color! So maybe just one of each? ;)

A beautiful mix between gold and silver. Enough said.
If I get into Flagler, of course I'm going to have to get a pair with the school colors, burgundy and gold! 

Love the neutral colors.

Basically I just need a pair of cognac Jacks, let's be real everyone does!

Are you a Jack Rogers lover as well? Which pair are your favorite?

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Blog Update + An Inspiring Guest Post

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all had a great Valentine's day and if not, at least the day is all over and done with!
Anyway, just wanted to give you all a little blog update and clue you in on a couple things I've added to the blog!
#1 If you love my Natalie's Style posts, then you'll love this new feature on my blog. You can now shop my closet! My closet is practically bursting at the seams, so I had to get rid of a few things and I now have so much to sell and I've found a great way to do it by using a website called Poshmark! I've also added a tab to my sidebar in the intro box so you can have quick access to shopping my closet reguarly :)
#2 I have started a new instagram account!! I now have one solely for the blogging world. It would make my day if you'd follow me
#3 The tabs on my intro box (DIY, Tuesday Tips, Natalie's Style, etc.) now all work again thanks to the wonderful Areeba!!

Now enjoy a fantastic guest post by a great blogger and new friend of mine, Raewyn!! :)

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“Have you ever felt so lost? Known the way, but still so lost?”

“Lost” by Katy Perry is one of my favorite songs to listen to when I feel like I’m floating through life more than I am living my life. It might be the times when I’m overwhelmed, in between, or just plain sad.

Then, it inspires me to start looking for inspiration. Where do you look for inspiration? I have a variety of places and I am so excited to share them with you today!

Before Pinterest or Tumblr even came into the world, I was looking for inspiration. I bet most people alive were, too. It was harder to find inspiring quotes back then. Where was I supposed to find the words that I’m feeling?

That’s where music came in. Music can be a saving grace, especially when you can’t find the words to say. A few of my favorites, besides “Lost” are songs by Jack’s Mannequin, Incubus and most girl power singers (Gwen Stefani, Pink, K. Clarkson, etc).

I also have a deep love for the self-help section of Barne’s and Noble. I probably haven’t mentioned it too much on my blog, but I am a self-help book addict. I think it began when we spent time at the mall “hanging out” in high school. You know, doing absolutely nothing at the mall for hours on end since we were flat broke.

We always ended up at the self-help section reading about ways to improve our lives, horoscopes, the works. While many people might think that these books are bogus, I think they can give you quite the inspiration and kick in the right direction.

Bathtubs. Most people indulge in a luxurious, hot bath or shower when they’re looking for inspiration. I’m not one of those people. Instead, I’d rather hike until I have a view, drive my quad to the top of a sand dune, and take in nature. Sometimes, I swear the birds can solve your secret problems. Or maybe they just put my life into perspective.

I’m a California girl, so digging my toes into the sand and people-watching can inspire me  and help me find direction, too. If you’re not close to a beach, people watching at a park might be equally soothing.

Speaking of parks, I love them. They’re so relaxing and fun! I am a sucker for the swing set. Ever since I was a kid, pumping my legs on the swings and soaring into the sky, has calmed my anxieties.

Just thinking about all of these inspiring tricks and moments has me feeling calm. 

What’s your favorite way to get inspired? I’d love to hear!

 photo name.jpg

Raewyn started Be a Warrior Queen, a lifestyle blog and movement, in 2009. She someday hopes her positive and do-good-centered blog will blossom into a magazine that will empower young girls to be confident in themselves. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

If You Have Hope, The Odds Don't Matter

I have an inspirational story to share with everyone today. Meet the beautiful Von St. James family! They have unfortunately been affected by cancer just like my family was.
Eight years ago, Heather (the gorgeous woman with the awesome hair!) was diagnosed with mesothelioma; a rare cancer that kills most people within 2 years of diagnosis. Not only was she given just 15 months to live, but she had also just given birth to their daughter Lily. Most people would take that diagnosis, think it's a death sentence, and give up all hope. Whenever people hear the scary word, "cancer" come out of a doctors mouth, most people automatically correlate the scary c-word with death. This is not what Heather did. She wouldn't take the death sentence as a diagnosis. After traveling to different doctors and appointments for weeks Heather had the surgery that would save her life. The surgery included the removal of her left lung, which was how LungLeavin’ Day was born. Two weeks ago, on February 2nd (LungLeavin' Day), the Von St. James family celebrated 8 years of Heather being cancer free.

I remember vividly when my mom told me she had breast cancer on November 1st 2012. Right when she told me I ran to the bathroom and just sat on the floor and sobbed. I immediately translated her diagnosis into the thought that she would die in a matter of months. This was not the case, my mom is thankfully living cancer free just like Heather. 

You can't always take the doctors diagnosis and think that it's the final answer. If you have hope the odds don't matter. You should never give up fighting.
Heather and my Mom beat the odds and so can you.


Heather and her beautiful daughter Lily!

The purpose of LungLeavin’ Day is to encourage others to face their fears!  Each year, the Von St. Jame's gather around a fire in their backyard with friends and family. Everyone writes their biggest fears on a plate and smash them into the fire. They celebrate for those who are no longer with them, for those who continue to fight, for those who are currently going through a tough time in their life, and most importantly, they celebrate life! 

Since we missed the actual LungLeavin' day this year we can all head over to the LungLeavin' Day website so that we don't miss out on the celebration!

I would absolutely love to participate in LungLeavin' day next year, it's already on my calendar!

It must feel so empowering to smash your fears into the fire! You rock Heather! :)

Visit Heather's website HERE
Visit the LungLeavin' day interactive website HERE
Read about Mesothelioma HERE

Thank you so much to Cameron for contacting me, I am honored I got to share your families story and that I was able to pass on the hope. I am so inspired by Heather's positive attitude and I hope she inspires many more people to come. I wish you and your family the very best.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Funniest Video I've Ever Seen

So yesterday night my mom and I were DYING laughing at this video. At the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics this year, a group of Russian police men sang the song "Get Lucky" (which is the most awkward song ever, so why they chose to sang that song I'm not sure...) In all do respect for these guys, they are fantastic singers and they all sound great together! It's just their dance moves and facial expressions that make this video so hysterical. Anyway, just take a second and watch this video, YOU WILL LAUGH UNTIL YOU CRY GUARANTEED.

Focus on this guy who is circled above, he's the funniest of them all.


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Sunday, February 9, 2014

DIY: Outfit Journal

I've been trying to figure out a way to remember outfits I've put together over time, because I basically have the memory span of a sandwich. So, I found a journal the other day that I bought on Etsy last year and I finally thought up a way to use it, by creating an outfit journal! All you basically have to do is snap a picture when you pull together a cute outfit and then print it out and stick it in a journal!
I've tried tons of other ways to keep track of my outfits, and this seem like the simplest way of doing it!

Do you keep track of your outfits?

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Warby Parker

You guys are in for a treat today! Have you heard of Warby Parker before? If not, let me clue you in. It's a fabulous eyewear company, who not only donates a pair of glasses when you purchase a pair {how awesome is that!}, but they also have an at home try-on service! Which I totally took advantage of! You pick out 5 pairs you like from their website and they'll send them to you FOR FREE! Once you receive them you get to hang onto them for a whole 5 days! In that time, you can wear them to school, work, or even on your weekly errand run! Don't forget to model for your friends too of course so they can tell you their favorite frames! {I hope I don't sound like an infomercial:} For an everyday contact wearer, like myself, having a cute pair of glasses is essential in order to give your eyes a break once-in-a-while. I can't wait to order a pair of  Warby Parker's. Help me decide which ones I should get!

Well this basically made my day... :)

Once you pop open the box {which was way harder than it looks} this is what you'll be greeted with! 

I followed the directions on the card of course...

Here's how the whole at home try-on process works - pretty straight forward and easy to follow. They even include a pre paid shipping label for you to stick on the box when it's time to send back the glasses!

Here are my 5 picks, don't laugh I know they all look identical similar but I swear they are all different!!

Now's the fun part - trying them on! I numbered the glasses 1-5 so you can tell me at the end which ones you think I should get! {sorry in advance for my unnaturally frizzy and poodle-like hair, I got rained on and my hair obviously did not like that.}

I think you can tell which pair I don't like. :-)

Which pair do you think I should get?!

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