Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jack Rogers Lover

I have been bitten by the Jack Rogers bug! I first fell in love with these sandals when I saw them on my cousin at Thanksgiving one year. Every time I saw her with them on I'd secretly steal borrow them and walk around, trying them on for fun! {I sound like such a loser I know!}
Then when I got to high school it seemed like every single teenage girl owned a pair. I'll be honest, I wanted a pair at first just so I could fit into the so called 'club' at school. So for my 15th birthday I asked for a silver pair and I wore them nonstop, feeling so cool that I finally owned a pair of my own Jacks.
Living in the sunshine state, I definitely wear these shoes multiple times a week {even right now during the winter time!} They're always my go-to shoe.
Ever since my first pair, I've steadily added pairs to my collection and I still plan on adding many more!
Here are the sandals I intend on buying one day!

I mean just look at them, they're beautiful and a tortoise pattern so of course I want need them!

I love love love these. They remind me of princess shoes, and every girl should own a pair of shoes that make her feel like a princess!

 I can't decide on which color! So maybe just one of each? ;)

A beautiful mix between gold and silver. Enough said.
If I get into Flagler, of course I'm going to have to get a pair with the school colors, burgundy and gold! 

Love the neutral colors.

Basically I just need a pair of cognac Jacks, let's be real everyone does!

Are you a Jack Rogers lover as well? Which pair are your favorite?

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