Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Natalie's Style

Necklace: Francesca's (old) heresimilar
Dress: Forever 21 (old) similar / similar / similar

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm a Chameleon

Yes I called myself a lizard. Not in the colorful, scaly, and curly tail way. But In the way that I'm constantly changing my mind, like Chameleons change their colors. As you probably noticed, I changed my blog design again. I know I know, my blog isn't even a year old, and I've already changed the design of it one, two... four times. You probably think I'm crazy but it's just how I am. If you know me or are around me a lot you know I change my iPhone cases at least once a week. I don't know why but I'm just constantly changing mind on what I like and don't like. I get something new and I love it immensely for a few weeks (or months if you're lucky), and then out of the blue I get so over it and have to change it ASAP.
It's sorta a problem, but I'm working on it!! I promise I'll keep this design up for AT LEAST the whole summer (mmm, that's probably a lie).

Can we just take a second and talk about how adorable Pascal the Chameleon from Tangled is?! I was just going to include one picture of him, but I thought he deserved a whole collage for sure. I mean come on, don't you just want to hug and squeeze him, and touch is wittle 2 toed feet (maybe that was too far) ?! Really though, he's seriously awesome in the movie. He's Rapunzels right hand man Chameleon! After I saw him in the movie, Tangled, I really wanted a Chameleon of my own that would sit on my shoulder all day like Pascal! But then reality hit and I realized real life Chameleons weren't even close to being as cute as Pascal, they're actually a little scary looking, and I don't think they really like hanging out on peoples shoulders.
But if anyone has one or is planning on getting one, I'd love to babysit it sometime! :-)

Do you like my new blog design?
Do you love Pascal and the movie Tangled just as much as I do?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Exams Are Over!


Can you sense my excitement?
Well if not, let me paint a pretty little picture for you.

Immediately after I wrote that very last word on my very last exam, I calmly shut my booklet, put down my pencil, and did a happy dance- In my head of course.


After they dismissed us I walked out of that testing room like I had just won the lottery. I was smiling ear to ear; a smile of relief and pure joy that my week of hell (for lack of better words) had finally come to an end. It was one of those smiles that makes you feel all warm inside. I smiled to myself to congratulate my butt kicking, hard working, self for making it through my AP classes this year and those grueling exams.  

After probably more smiles than I should mention, I practically ran to my car and safely hurried home and collapsed in my bed for a well deserved nap.

Oh, and before I go, I think I deserve a T-Swift moment.

TA-DA! I made it through exam week and cannot wait for the next 16 (but who's counting?) days of school to fly by. Summer, here I come!

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Monday, May 5, 2014

AP Testing Week

Hi everyone! So first and foremost sorry for dropping off the face of the earth for the past couple weeks. Posts have been sporadic, I know, and I've barely had time to answer emails or attend to any of my social media accounts. I' m so sorry! As some of you may know, it's that glorious time of year (not), AP testing season. I've been studying and prepping for the past 2 weeks straight and the week has finally come for me to take the tests. I have Psychology today, Art History tomorrow, and English Friday. After this week is over with, I will not only be jumping with joy but I will also be back to posting regularly!
Wish me luck!! :)

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