Wednesday, February 12, 2014

If You Have Hope, The Odds Don't Matter

I have an inspirational story to share with everyone today. Meet the beautiful Von St. James family! They have unfortunately been affected by cancer just like my family was.
Eight years ago, Heather (the gorgeous woman with the awesome hair!) was diagnosed with mesothelioma; a rare cancer that kills most people within 2 years of diagnosis. Not only was she given just 15 months to live, but she had also just given birth to their daughter Lily. Most people would take that diagnosis, think it's a death sentence, and give up all hope. Whenever people hear the scary word, "cancer" come out of a doctors mouth, most people automatically correlate the scary c-word with death. This is not what Heather did. She wouldn't take the death sentence as a diagnosis. After traveling to different doctors and appointments for weeks Heather had the surgery that would save her life. The surgery included the removal of her left lung, which was how LungLeavin’ Day was born. Two weeks ago, on February 2nd (LungLeavin' Day), the Von St. James family celebrated 8 years of Heather being cancer free.

I remember vividly when my mom told me she had breast cancer on November 1st 2012. Right when she told me I ran to the bathroom and just sat on the floor and sobbed. I immediately translated her diagnosis into the thought that she would die in a matter of months. This was not the case, my mom is thankfully living cancer free just like Heather. 

You can't always take the doctors diagnosis and think that it's the final answer. If you have hope the odds don't matter. You should never give up fighting.
Heather and my Mom beat the odds and so can you.


Heather and her beautiful daughter Lily!

The purpose of LungLeavin’ Day is to encourage others to face their fears!  Each year, the Von St. Jame's gather around a fire in their backyard with friends and family. Everyone writes their biggest fears on a plate and smash them into the fire. They celebrate for those who are no longer with them, for those who continue to fight, for those who are currently going through a tough time in their life, and most importantly, they celebrate life! 

Since we missed the actual LungLeavin' day this year we can all head over to the LungLeavin' Day website so that we don't miss out on the celebration!

I would absolutely love to participate in LungLeavin' day next year, it's already on my calendar!

It must feel so empowering to smash your fears into the fire! You rock Heather! :)

Visit Heather's website HERE
Visit the LungLeavin' day interactive website HERE
Read about Mesothelioma HERE

Thank you so much to Cameron for contacting me, I am honored I got to share your families story and that I was able to pass on the hope. I am so inspired by Heather's positive attitude and I hope she inspires many more people to come. I wish you and your family the very best.

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