Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Burnham, England

To say my summer got off to a great start would be a HUGE understatement. My family and I spent the past 2 and 1/2 weeks traveling all over Europe!! We flew out of Orlando in early June, and landed in London 8 hours later. We spent the first few days of our trip in Burnham, England which is where our family lives! In case you didn't know, my dad is British (and yes, he has an accent, my friends think it's the coolest thing ever). All of my dads side of the family still lives in England, so it's a great excuse for us to travel to the UK to visit them! Our trip included lots fun of mini trips. We started in Burnham, then traveled to Paris (!!!!!!), then went back to Burnham, spent a night in Ludlow, then went back and spent the remainder of our trip in Burnham. So, the first pictures i'm sharing with you today, are of the beginning of our trip!

How adorable is my Aunt and Uncles house! We were lucky enough to be able to stay here for the majority of our trip, which was so nice because we got to spend loads of time with our family.

A glimpse of my Aunt's beautiful graden! The whole backyard was stunning, she's done such an amazing job with it. It makes me want to have a garden of my own! 

The second we landed in England we were blown away by how gorgeous and sunny the weather was! During our whole trip we had phenomenal weather, and it only sprinkled once or twice throughout the whole two weeks (which is unheard of for England).

Look at that gorgeous sunshine! We spent a lot of time in the back garden, enjoying the beautiful England weather.

How pretty are these roses that my Aunt Rachel grew in her garden!! I love how she displayed them in these vintage glass jars.

Perfect blue skies!

We spent the second day of our trip with my Aunt Sally and her adorable dog Merlin (who is totally posing in this picture!)

We all took Merlin for a nice long walk around Burnham.

There's no one I love to explore with more than with this little guy! 

Wrong way Merlin!

Family selfie!!! :-)

How incredible is that view!

We came across a few exercise stations during our walk. I think mom completed this one with flying colors, Connors reaction to her skills is the best of all. He could not stop laughing!

Poor Merlin was so pooped after our long walk.

England, you are so beautiful! 

Super Connor completed the long walk!

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Sunday, May 24, 2015


I'M FINALLY DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL!!! It's so surreal to be able to say that. It honestly feels like it's taken so much time and energy to get through the last 4 years. I was not someone who particularly liked high school; I was never the person who played school sports, joined any clubs, or attended school functions. This is something I plan on changing in college, because at the end of the day, you get what you give. As you can imagine, I definitely wasn't one of the ones incontrollably sobbing on the last day. I was the one jumping up and down, dancing, and singing as I walked out of school for the last time. 
Here are a few shots from my last week as a high schooler! 

I cannot wait to see what the future holds! Peace out high school!! :-)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Brother Orange

 I found this unbelievable article the other day on Buzzfeed. Once I read it, and fell in love with it, I wanted to share it some how. I was just going to simply tweet about it, but it deserves so much more than that. The story of these two beautiful human beings deserves to be shared a million times and then some.

Go grab a cup of coffee, take 10 minutes, and read this touching story about fate and friendship. It's a long article, but it's worth every second. It's a true testimony to how phenomenal technology is and how it connects us to people all over the globe. You have to read the whole story, it's CRAZY! 

Go read the article here!
Let me know what you think.

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