Saturday, September 13, 2014

Birkenstock Wishlist

I never thought in a million zillion years I would be saying this, but here it is; I love Birkenstocks. In fact, I love, love, love, them. When we were in Coronado this past summer, we stumbled into a shoe store that carried the renowned shoes. My mom and I have never given these shoes a second thought - that was until we tried a pair on. Once I slid them on, I didn't want to take them off! So I finally got past my initial judgments and bought my very first pair! I cannot stop wearing them, I have to mentally think about wearing other shoes once in awhile! They are the comfiest things I have ever put on my feet. It seriously feels like you're walking on clouds all day!

So, now that I'm officially enthralled by them, I have naturally made a wishlist of all the pairs (and colors) I want! I definitely plan on adding to my Birkenstock collection soon!

Does anyone else wear Birkenstock's and love them?
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Stepping Into Fall

Is it weird (and possibly geeky) that posts like these, with spectacular pictures taken by my bestie Kasey Lee, make me feel like one of those big-wig bloggers?
Well, it's true, I feel like a grown up blogger all of a sudden! :-)
My "Natalie's Style" posts have definitely evolved a lot since my mirror selfie days, and mark my words, I am never going back to those days!
Anywho, can anyone else believe that it's September already? And you know what that means; fall is right around the corner! Which also means, for me, that it's time to transition my outfits from sundresses to layers and boots!
I think combining a vest, scarf, and ankle boots is the perfect way to start that transition into fall! 
It's still a cool enough outfit so that you can withstand the remaining hot weather without jumping all the way into a sweater and Uggs. But hey, if you live in an area that is already dropping into the low temps, then throw on those Uggs! I envy you!
But for now, while us Floridians are melting the second we step outside, I will be sticking to light layers like in this outfit.

BTW, I got this vest for free on Vinted by swapping with someone, how awesome is that!! If you haven't already, seriously go check out Vinted. You can score some insane deals and even trade clothes with people! While you're on there, shop my closet

Shop the look:
Top // Army Vest // Leggings // Boots (on sale!) // Scarf (only 1 left!) // Purse // Bracelets // Ring // Glasses
Are you looking forward to fall or are you sad to see summer go?
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Applying to Colleges

I can't believe the title of this post is about applying to colleges. It's seriously so surreal that I'm at the age where I'm looking at colleges, applying to them, and (hopefully) getting into one of them!
How did I get so old?
It still hasn't sunk in that I'll be spreading my wings and leaving home in a year.
Ever since freshman year I've always been the one who was so ready to hurry up and get through high school so that I could start my life already. 
Trust me, I'm still just as ready to leave and I will probably be running out the door and speeding my way to college this time next year. But for now, I think I honestly need the next year just to emotionally prepare for leaving my sweet parents, 2 adorable brothers, 4 legged siblings, hometown, and life long friends.
Next year will be the year of change, but I have faith it'll all be good change.
My top 3 favorite colleges are Flagler, UNF, and PBA! Yesterday, I applied to PBA and UNF!!! I'm so excited, anxious, nervous, but overall happy that I've gotten some of my applications in! Now it's the tedious process of waiting for their responses. I'm praying God will lead me to the one he thinks is best for me.
As far as which college is my favorite - it's almost impossible to say! I love each of them for different reasons. 
As my dad has been telling me for weeks, I really need to sit down and write down the pros and cons of each school. So when I do, I'll throw together a post on it in case anyone is looking into attending any of those schools!
Is anyone else applying to schools like I am? What schools are your favorite?

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