Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Yea yea I know, I'm about 6 months too late for this trend that's already come and gone. I couldn't decide if I liked it then, but I've decided now that I'm only a big fan of it when It's an ombred jean material or as a hair style
I picked up this button down while garage saleing this past weekend for a dolla! You can't beat that!
And it's a brand I know and love, the Xihlaration brand from Target! (aka heaven)
I love how its a bigger size so that way I can wear it with leggings, instead of having to go though the huge effort of putting jeans on at 6 am. (plus jean on jean? Not my favorite look) 
Happy Wednesday everyone, we're half way through the week!!!
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Top: Target
Leggings: VS Pink
Boots: F21

 Even the lake looked ombre, how fitting :)

 For all the people at school today who said I looked like a hipster, this picture
is for you. Peace out homies:-)

Are you an ombre fan or not so much?

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  1. You are just too cute girl! Loving this ombre top ;)
    xo TJ

  2. Very cute! Love that last picture:) I like ombre on clothing, but not so much on!

  3. Lolol putting jeans on at an early hour is seriously wayyy too hard of a task! I totally agree. And I love this shirt! AND YOUR HAIR! You're so cute!!

  4. That shirt looks awesome on you! Love that outfit :)


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