Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Downside of Having Curly Hair

You may envy people with curly hair and think their life is a magical fairy tale due to having tons and tons of bouncy ringlets in their hair. Ok I admit, I love my hair. It makes me unique! Its how people pick me out in a crowd. But it does come with some negatives. You may think I'm kidding or over exaggerating about the annoyances I'm about to list, but I'm not. 

Soooo I kind sorta may have a problem with touching, twisting, and playing with my hair. Its just so fun finding that perfectly formed ringlet among the forest on my head and then twisting it around my finger as tight as it'll go without messing up the curl. It's a bored habit I've picked up at school that's turned into a game to find the perfect curl of the day.

Well other people can't keep their hands off of it either, someone in particular has uninvitingly joined this game of mine of finding the best curl of the day. This person who sits behind me in class has decided its soooo fun to play with my hair constantly. What I thought was just an odd one day thing, has turned into an everyday thing. -__-

After asking for them to stop multiple times, the annoyance still continues. To try to get the message across even further, I'll sit at the edge of my seat or lean forward to get my hair out of their hands, and instead of them releasing my hair like a normal person they actually grab my hair and pull my head back. Not only does this unnamed person twist and touch my hair (ewww) but they give me a headache in the process.

Having curly hair doesn't sound sound all that great now, does it? (It's not that terrible, I promise!)

Do you love it or hate it when people play with your hair?

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  1. Haha I don't have curly hair but I have thick hair. I can't even stand to wear my hair all the way down so I mostly pin half of it up so it's not in my face.

    Mo |

  2. No matter what you say, I'll still wish I have curly hair! It just looks way more voluminous and hairstyles often look really good with curly hair!

  3. I watched that soccer player pull the other girls hair like 50 times and I am still laughing! lol!


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