Saturday, November 16, 2013


Notice something different on the blog today? Maybe just one or two things? No. How bout a million different things!!! All Things Natalie Christa has gotten a FULL makeover all the way from the header, to the welcome photo, to the social media icons, to the entire sidebar, it's all new and improved all thanks to my #1 homie Areeba! This girl is freakin' amazing and talented beyond belief! My blog is proof of it!
I'm beyond ecstatic about this new look and new chapter of my blog. I hope to expand it and excel in it even more.

If you have a blog of your own, pretty please with extra cheese grab one of my lovely new buttons! {HTML code located on my sidebar} And if you want the same in return, I would love to swap buttons with you, just email me!


Thank you again Areeba, for giving me exactly what I wanted and so much more. Thank you also, for not killing me after the 1,293 emails I sent you about changing this and that. You are such a sweet and giving person! You're extraordinary!

Check out Areeba's Designs and have her hit you up with a blog design that looks {maybe} as cool as mine :)

P.S If anyone knows of the magical way to change the color of the title, links, and any of the other blue lettering on this post LET ME KNOW! Areeba and I have tried all day and we've changed the color in the blogger template designer but it doesn't seem to take effect and show up on the actual blog.

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  1. I have that problem sometimes, it's because Blogger automatically remembers that the first time you saved it it was blue and now it won't budge! You have to re-do everything again for it be changed!

  2. It looks beyond awesome . GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Have you tried clicking on Links in blogger template?


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