Monday, November 18, 2013

27 Dresses {Garage Sale Haul!}

Does anyone remember that fun chick flick movie with my gurrrl Katherine Heigl and the hottie Mc. Hot Stuff
James Marsden.
Jeez, just look into those eyes.
Oh, hi James.
I'm Natalie.
I have needs, I need you.
Hmmm, I guess he didn't hear me... Ok back to my point, if you haven't seen 27 Dresses it's a movie about a girl who has {yep you guessed it} 27 Dresses! They're bridesmaid dresses from all the weddings she's been apart of, that she just can't part with.

Ok, no I don't have a closet somewhere filled with olds bridesmaids dresses.
And I may have stretched the truth a wee bit in the title of this post, but I just thought 27 dresses was the cutest title for this dress extravaganza of mine, you'll see why...
I bought 12 dresses this past weekend, all on the same day, at the same place, each for the exact same price...

Lets rewind for a sec, so my Mom and I have a sort of secret passion and hobby that we love to do every weekend we get the chance. GARAGE SALING! My Grandmother would drag my Mom and Aunt out the door every weekend when they were little. My mom hated it then, but she learned to love it. Eventually she picked up on my Grandmothers tactics and when I was old enough to go, I became the one she was dragging out of the house. I admit, it took me a while to get the hang of and actually like this hobby of ours {I'm talkin' 10 years people}.
But now I'm hooked.

Most Saturdays now, Mom and I our out of the house by 8:30 a.m.,we swing by Starbucks to get Coffees and then check out our favorite streets and neighborhoods to track down those to-die-for sales.
This past Saturday we did our normal routine, except we started at 11, later than normal for us {so if you're not an early bird, this post proves that you can still find GREAT sales at later times of the day}. We went to our first neighborhood of the day, right around the corner from us and BAAMMM 2 garage sale signs! We find it, park, scope it out and determines it looks half decent. So we stroll up, say hi to the lady and look around. My eyes were immediately drawn to a cute dress hanging on a clothing rack. I pulled it out, held it up to myself, and concluded it would fit great, then I found another dress, and another, and 9 more after that...
Just to clarify, I'm not talkin' cheapo dresses here, the brands I bought included Gap, Anthropologie, Target, American Rag, Love Fire and more!
I came across a gold mine of dresses!!
I was ecstatic.


I picked out all the ones I liked and then some, then told the lady I'd take em all. I bought 12 dresses for $3 each + an athropologie top for a dolla {plus tax, why she charged tax I still don't know} all for a grand total of $40 {aka A STEAL!}
Granted, that may sound like a ridiculous amount for a garage sale and It did kind of shock me because I've never shelled out that much money at one garage sale but sometimes you just hit the jackpot and have to go for it!

And all the stuff I got was worth every penny.

And of course I had to model all of the dresses for you! I started off with my favorites and then the rest go in no particular order.
My absolute favorite dress of all! Comfy, colorful, flattering, and has a back cutout = perfection.
Brand: Online Boutique love, FiRE
Estimated Retail Price: $48

My second favorite! Again, so comfy, fun colorful print, and has sleeve cutouts.
Brand: love, FiRE
Estimated Retail Price: $48
Cream classic vintage dress with pearl neck detailing.
Brand: Trixxi
Estimated Retail Price: $30

Pink salmon colored dress with unique straps.
Brand: Soul Harmony Energy
Estimated Retail Price: $15 
Black high low dress with v-cut back.
Brand: Target Merona
Estimated Retail Price: $30

Fall colored T-shirt dress
Brand: American Rag
Estimated Retail Price: $50
Peach colored summer dress
Brand: Gap
Estimated Retail Price: $40
Red and blue nautical dress with buttons
Brand: Xhilaration
Estimated Retail Price: $15
 Green and dark blue striped beach cover up dress
Brand: Merona
Estimated Retail Price: $15
Unique tie-dye beachy maxi dress
Brand: Yoyo 5
Estimated Retail Price: $30
Red, white, and blue striped flowy dress
Brand: Jack.
Estimated Retail Price: $40
Black and white patterned halter dress with cutout.
Brand: Maiya
Estimated Retail Price: $20

Grand Total Of Estimated Retail Prices: $381
Saved: $341!!!!!

So for anyone who thought you couldn't find good stuff at garage sales, you've been proven wrong my friend.
 This is what people don't understand, garage sales aren't all creepy and filled with disgusting loads of crap. Yes, we run into a bad sale once in a while, but the majority of them have treasures you would not believe! And not ONE of the dresses I bought had stains, holes, or marks. All looked brand new. There are treasure out there to be found!
And If you think buying pre-owned clothes is weird you're annoying then you've obviously never shopped at Plato's Closet or Thread Up.

If you're a fellow garage saler, tell me one of your best garage sale finds! Or if you're not, tell me which dress you liked the best!!
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  1. Oh gosh , they're way too awesome . You got a great steal , pearl detailed dress and last one looks prettio!

  2. Oh I love that movie 27 dresses and this post seems like such a fun one! My favorite dress was the Red and blue nautical dress by Xhilaration! It's so cute <3

    By the way I'm so glad that you joined the Blog Hop or otherwise I would of never found your creative blog!

    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

    P.S. I love the Pinterest thing on your side bar, how did you get it?

  3. I love every single dress you modeled! Such great finds and such an amazing price too!
    Especially love the red, tribal printed one!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  4. I dream of finding something like that when I go to garage sales. This gives me hope ;)

    Whimsical Allure

  5. Superb post!!! Can we follow each other??

  6. Those dresses are absolutely beautiful! My favorites were 1, 3 and 5.

  7. As a fellow member of the James Marsden fan club, I am ALSO a fan of your smart and savvy style, Natalie, and your great eye for amazing buys! There is no need to spend alot to look like a million bucks, and you PROVE IT over and over!


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