Friday, November 15, 2013

Signature Starbucks Drink

Yes, you read it right! We are discussing everyone's or at least my mom and I's  signature Starbucks drinks today on this lovely Friday morning {TGIF BTW!}. So let's get straight to business people.

<< I Think Everyone Should Have A Personalized Signature Starbucks Drink >>

With that said, If you're not a coffee or Starbucks fan what's wrong with you then this post may not speak to you.
But if you have a problem love for both of these magical things like I do, then take a sec and think to yourself  "Do I have a signature drink?", If you're contemplating this and are completely confused as to what a signature drink would entail and therefore your answer to my question is no, then you need to get your priorities straight.
You know I'm just messin' with ya and that was just my latest iced coffee buzz talkin'.
But don't you want that feeling like I get of strutting into my Starbucks and having my barista peeps whip up my signature drink even before I get to pay? Knowing my exact drink, caramel drizzle and all? Let's just say I have frequent flyer miles at my local Starbucks...
Anyway lets get back to the point,
You gotta have that one drink to call your own!
Hashtag awkward moment when the barista {baristo?} looks right at your phone when snapping a "discreet" photo

The next time you're in a Starbucks try to create your own signature drink! Don't be upset if you don't get it right the first time. It took me literally a month to perfect my drink, I just couldn't get the right balance of a rich coffee flavor with a little added sweetness. But when I finally got it right I never went back {except for my occasional mocha}!

My Signature Drink {pictured above}:
Grande or Venti
Iced Coffee
Plus Cream
Caramel Drizzle

Hey, I didn't say it was healthy but boyyyy is it goooood.

If you thought mine was odd...

My moms:
Grande or Venti
Iced Latte
Half Caf
Non Fat

Peppermint?? Ewww, I know! For some reason though it just hits her sweet spot, its been her signature for almost a decade!
Another Signature of mine for when I want something hot, is a Mocha {with a little added kick}
My Signature Mocha:
3 shots of espresso {instead of just 2}
3 shots of chocolate {instead of 4 in an average grande Mocha}
You may wonder why I have to be difficult and not just order a normal Mocha, I will tell you that I have done just that ever since I first discovered a Mocha a few years ago. Ever since then I've ordered them and they've always been a big hit or miss. Sometimes they would come out perfect, rich in lavor and full bodied. But other times I would receive what tasted like straight up hot chocolate. Then there would be those in between times, where I just wanted to throw away the drink after the first sip.
So I finally talked to a barista and told her my dilemma, and she recommended me try an extra shot of espresso and 1 shot less of chocolate. She answered my prayers. It came out perfecto.
As you can tell, I'm pretty passionate about my coffee. Hey, we all know a coffee snob. I guess I'm just one of those coffee snob types.
I can live with that.
What's your signature Starbucks drink?


  1. Oh how badly I wish that we had a Starbucks store over here . SHUCKS!

  2. I like coffee but I want the sweeter side of it vs. it tasting like coffee. Any ideas? I always get the White Chocolate Mocha with an extra shot of white chocolate. Ready to try something new.


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