Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday Haul 2013!

My Mom and I tackled the stores yesterday bright and early at 7 am! We were wimps compared to the hard core shoppers who started at 8 pm Thanksgiving night and didn't stop till sunset Friday night. Its funny, the US is really the only country that celebrates Black Friday and makes it such a big deal. I feel for the other countries who don't get to partake. It really is a great way to get your Christmas shopping done and all the while potentially saving you a boat load of money! 
I get that its not everyone's cup of tea to get up bright and early after stuffing yourself silly the day before. But my Mom and I love it, and make a tradition of doing it every year. I have no doubt we will continue our tradition until we are little old ladies. We may need wheel chairs by then, but that won't stop us from shopping till we drop {maybe literally}!
So here are all the fun things I found after a tiring 5 hours of shopping! I included links to the ones I could and gave the sale price, regular price, and store I purchased it at. 
Here we go!

4. F21 Necklace// 5. F21 Necklace// 6. F21 Bracelet// 7. F21 Nail Polish// 8.Boyfriend Watch// 9. LC Bracelet// 10. Not on the website// 11. Not on target website// 12. Jewelry Organizer// 13. LC Jeans// 14. Eos// 15. Nivea Creme//
16. Not on Kohls website, similar: Beauty Sponge// 
-Details on all the items below-

The Beauty Finds
-The baby lips were buy one get one 1/2 half! ULTA {currently in stores/online, the deal is online not sure about if it apply's in stores}
-The Nivea creme was only 97 cents! TARGET {currently in stores/online and at that price}
-The blending sponge was only $5! KOHLS {I think it was just a Black Friday deal but I could be wrong}
-Eos lotion & lip balm duo $5! TARGET {currently in stores/online and at that price}

 The Jewelry Finds
-Forever 21 Chain Link Necklace $8! {currently in stores/online and at that price}
-Forever 21 Blue Necklace $6! {currently in stores/online and at that price}
-Forever 21 Dainty Gold Bracelet $2! {currently in stores/online and at that price}
- F21 Nude Polish $3! {currently in stores/online and at that price}
-Merona Boyfriend Watch {Which I'm obsessed with!} $20! TARGET {currently in stores/online and at that price}
-LC Bracelet $7! Reg. $14 KOHLS {currently in stores/online but not at sale price}
-Jewelry Holder {pictured above} $11! Reg. $30 KOHLS {currently in stores/online but not at sale price}

The Clothing Finds
-Xhilaration sweater with beaded shoulder (only) $10!! Reg. $23 TARGET {I would guess its still in stores, but I'm not positive. It's not online}
-Francesca's Dress $14!! Reg. $50 purchased at Plato's Closet {item not in stores or online}
-LC Lauren Conrad Jeggings $25!! Reg. $50 {item in stores and online, at an even better price online at $17!}

Isn't this the coolest case!! For one, it's tie-dye and it's soft and jelly feeling and it holds important things like ID's & Debit/Credit Cards! And it was only $5!!! That's alota good things about 1 case. You won't believe where I got it, ULTA! Yea the makeup store ULTA. I had no idea they sold cases, but hey what do I know! I couldn't find it on their website, but definitely check out the store if you have your heart set on having matching cases with me ;)

Most of these gifts will be wrapped up and placed under the tree, buts it's ok because only 25 days to go!!!

What great Black Friday deals did you score??

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  1. Awesome finds! I just love all of these beauty finds. I think these are the new collection of baby lips. I bought loads of stuff yesterday online. Got generous discount! I love black Friday!

  2. EOS lotion and lip balm for ONLY $5! That is such a bargain! We don't have Black Friday where I live :(

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  3. I used to have a phone case that had a hidden compartment! I don't know where it went though! I need one again. It's so convenient for nights out. :)

  4. I crave 'Black Friday' so much! In the UK we don't have 'Black Friday' so we don't have those special discounted days! Boo Hoo! ☹

    Madeline - Wonderland In A Wardrobe

  5. What a GREAT bunch of finds you just got . I am so jelly jelly that you got Maybelline lip balms , I have run out of them . Gotta get them. I spend my holiday money on Black Friday deals , we get it online here :)
    Noor's Place

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