Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Deal Of The Week: Essie Nail Polishes

While shopping at TJ Maxx the other day, I came across an assortment of Essie nail polishes. I figured they were the average $8 per polish. But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the price tag was only $5. Hey 3 bucks off is a big discount in my eyes. So naturally I grabbed all  the ones I liked.

I also saw these polishes on sale at Marshalls! So you can snag your faves at either store!
These would make perfect stocking stuffers or get a couple and make it a whole gift for a nail polish fanatic!

To prove how fabulous this discount really is:

I bought 5 polishes for $25
In stores at $8.50 each it would of cost $42.50
Say whhhaaaaaatttt?!?!

I would never ever spend $40 on silly nail polish {yea, even Essie} That's just too much for 1 shopping trip. 

So do you get it now, how freakin' awesome this deal is? That's a $17 discount people!! You could go shopping with that savings and buy whole outfit at F21.

I think you get the point here. 
Happy shopping everyone!

Have you found any great deals this week??

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  1. Loving the colours of these nail polishes!

    Anna Czarina

  2. I am a BIG Essie fan . I am so jelly jelly for your deals . Essie doesn't ship directly to us so I always have to look in mall for their new collection.
    Noor's Place

  3. I love the "a crewed interest" color!! :)
    xo TJ


  4. OOOOOOH my goodness I just stumbled upon this amazingness at TJ Maxx as well and I was so excited!
    The new color I got was "Don't Sweater it" too fun!
    Love all of yours!


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