Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Snail Mail Collective!

I've always wanted a pen pal, I have tried for years to get my cousins in England to be my pen pal and write me letters but they never got the hang of it. I'm one of those people who still LOVES to receive and send hand written letters and packages, I guess I'm kind of old fashioned that way?
This is me when I get something in the mail:
Well as you can imagine my cousins didn't share my enthusiasm...
So when I came across The Snail Mail Collective I was over the moon about the whole thing and could not wait to see who I got paired with. I was paired with the fabulous Areeba over at the I have a messy bun blog!
I thought the Snail Mail Collective would just be a fun way to connect with other bloggers and I would get to do that hand written letter and package I've been dying to send someone!! :)
But boy was I wrong, I found a best friend out of it! You may be thinking how can you be best friends with someone you've never met? By emailing 24/7 and stalking each other's blogs!
Areeba is going through the same crappppp at school that I've been faced with as well. It's funny how a girl, the same age as you, whose on the opposite side of the world from you, can relate to you in ways you can't even imagine.
This has also been such an interesting learning experience as well. Areeba lives in Pakistan and we have both learned so much about our very different cultures. We both hope we get to meet one day and visit each others countries. She also has a twin, Noor! I'm so jealous, I've always wanted a twin. But it's ok because I've become their honorary triplet :-) I'm beyond excited about this!!
To wrap things up:  Areeba, I am so so thankful to Melissa  for creating the Snail Mail Collective so that I could meet you! Thank you for being amazing and helping me with the drama of my daily life and for guiding me into the bloggie world, I would be a lost soul without you!
Sending you a big one of these:
xoxoxoxxo, Natalie
Now onto the goodies she sent me!!!!
Take a sec and look at the package all the goodies came in. It had like 12 stamps by the time it reached me all the way over here on the other side of the world!

Love the card!! and the Nemo on it! {not really sure why there's a nemo on my card but I'm loving the creativity Areeba!:}

These are all the fun goodies she got me!! The theme of the Snail Mail Collective was under the sea which explain the seashell, but we didn't really follow the theme too closely {sorry Melissa!}

A beautiful necklace {that I have already worn}, a spoon?, some of her favorite candies {they were so good}, a sea shell,some rupees, and nail accessories!

Nom nom nom :)

Lovin' this necklace!

Not sure if this was meant to be a bracelet, but I'm wearing it as one!
Thank you again for everything Areeba xoxox!
You can check out what I got her HERE!

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