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First of all, sorry for dropping off the face of the blogging earth for a week. School has hit me pretty hard this year {3 AP Classes ughhhhhhhh} and I have to give my foremost attention to my studies, above everything else unfortunately.
But I have a pretty awesome post for you today, one that I'm very proud of.
As some of you may know today, the first day of October , is the start of breast cancer awareness month, aka "Pinktober"! This is the month you're suppose to wear pink, support and honor breast cancer patients and survivors, and get your yearly mammogram!!
My mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 1 year ago, October 2012. So this month marks a big mile stone in my families life. My mom has completed her treatment, after undergoing surgeries, chemo, and radiation for the past year. She has been so strong through it all and has come out the other side even stronger and healthier.
The month of October is huge for her because she gets to give back and speak out about this disease and journey she went through. She wants to make an impact on peoples lives by getting the word out about going to getting checked and being proactive about preventing this disease. She wants people to learn from her mistake, of not getting regular mammograms.
With the chapter of battling the disease behind her, she is now moving onto a new chapter of joining the bond of Survivors, making a difference in Women's lives, and possibly even saving a life or two along the way by sharing her story and making people aware of this rampant disease.
Being the superwoman she is, it's only October 1st and she's already done 2 events surrounding Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
 You rock mom.
Today, her and her beautiful friend Lisa {who is also a Breast Cancer survivor!!} went
and signed the Pink Firetruck that travels all over the country meeting survivors and people who have been affected by breast cancer. 
Thousands of people have signed the trucks to honor themselves, survivors, and the taken.
 This past Saturday Mom was the Guest of Honor at Brighton's Power of Pink Campaign Breakfast!
She said a beautiful speech about her journey and challenged women to go get checked and get their yearly mammogram during breast cancer awareness month.
 So proud of her!
 Moms friends Lisa, Deb, and Carey {who was taking the picture} all came to support her!
 The lovely Brighton ladies who hosted the event!

How we are rocking pink this month!

 Yes, mom shaved her head in the shape of a breast cancer ribbon and outlined it in pink! If that's not dedication, I don't know what is! 
We challenge you to wear something pink this month and to go get your mammogram!!!

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