Saturday, September 21, 2013

DIY Flower Crown

I've seen these flower crowns all over tumblr and other blogs! I just love the boho look of them, and decided I had to make one!
Who knows if i'll ever actually wear it out in public but it was a fun prop to photograph and only cost 2 bucks to make!

Materials you will need:
  • Fake or real flowers (if you want the crown to last, go with fake flowers) I bought these at Michael
  • Clear tape
  • twine or thin wire (I used twine but thin wire would work probably a bit better, because it wouldnt be as flimsy)
  • scissors

  1. First, cut all the stems off of the stick so that you have individual strands/stems of flowers (you will need at least 3) you probably want more the merrier becuase then it'll be thicker with flowers!
  2. Next, grab the twine and wrap it once around your head to measure the correct size crown you will need. Leave a little extra, you can always cut it off later.
  3. Line up one of your strands with the piece of twine you just cut.
  4. Tape the twine and first flower strand together.
  5. Keep doing this with all the strands, overlapping them with eachother and taping them all together.
    Once you've use all the strands you should have 1 long thick strand of all the strands combined taped along the twine.
  6. Once again measure it around your head and then tape it so that it is a complete circle of flowers.
  7. Cut off any excess twine or strands of the flowers.

      Here's a better tutorial if mine was a little too confusing!

Dress: Urban Outfitters 

Have A Great Weekend!!

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