Thursday, September 19, 2013

SuNsEt cLiFfS

Since everyone seems to be all about the "Throwback Thursday" theme, yes I'm talking about those people who insist on posting baby pictures of themselves every... freakin'... Thursday on every social networking site, so I thought I'd share a not as obnoxious TBT of some breathtaking pictures from when we visited California this past summer!

These are the Sunset Cliffs located in San Diego, California!
This was probably one of the highlights of our trip, I've never seen or walked to the edge of cliffs before, so this was completely a new experience for me!

Feel free to save this and make it your phone or computer background ;)

We all had to stop and pose for a picture of course!

Ryan got a little closer to the edge than Mom wanted...

Do you see that person to left? That's my mom! That shows you how massive these cliffs are!


I didn't take this gorgeous picture but I saw it, and couldn't help but include it on this post! To give you an idea, we took pictures from all the way over towards the left

P.S Does anyone else noticed that one funny lonely looking rock in the middle there?

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