Friday, August 9, 2013

Renovation Part 2

 { If you missed the Renovation Part 1 click HERE }

It has been a full week, between painting, and packing, and mentally preparing myself for the start of a new school year happening in 1 1/2 sad short weeks... I'm pretty dang exhausted and stressed, and school hasn't even started yet-go figure.

Anyway, enough of my complaining, while we continued on our no-wallpaper-allowed escapade, we actually took a quick detour and hit up the weird light pink painted second family room. Yes, it was actually light pink, a dingy light pink.

To help you get this visual in your head here is a close resembling swatch to what the god awful color looked like:

Now, you're probably thinking "Oh my gosh it's not that bad, it's actually kind of pretty" and that I'm over exaggerating. But to be honest, this is a pretty color, it would be splendid as a nail color but not a room color. 

So we got to painting...

For this paint color we actually mixed 3 neutral tans together and came up with this color. If you want more info on the color click HERE and scroll down!

Here, you can see the contrast between the old & new paint, but this doesn't accurately show the gaudy cotton candy pink... I couldn't quite picture it correctly.

This was once we had completed the room, but the paint hadn't dried yet.

I will post after pictures by the end of the day of the completed room {hint: It looks sooooo much better}

Next up on our redo list was this yucky looking light fixture...

This thing looked like it had taken a beating in the last 70 years...

Can you believe that's the same grey paint we used in the master bedroom?!?!

That's the cool thing about painting is it's like your wiping away a whole other decade{or in this houses case almost 7 decades} of chapters in the houses life,
and starting a whole new one.
In the last house we lived in we didn't do any updating or painting, we just left the house as we found it. So this whole painting renovation process has been new to me and I have to say I love the power of paint! It transforms a room, or in our case most of the house, into a completely new house with completely new memories to come.

Phewww, another round of renovations done and a few more to come, stay tuned!

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