Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Renovation Part 1

My family and I are onto our next house... yes, our third one in two years... it may seem like a lot but each one has been an adventure {at least that's what I keep telling myself!}. Why stay in one house for two years when you could stay in 3 different ones for the same amount of time?! Don't answer that.

Any who, our third {and hopeful nest for awhile} is a quaint "Southern Chic" ranch style house, that I have to say, I absolutely adore. I love all of the white, the hardwood floors, the color schemes, and the TONS of natural light.

Although, one thing we my mom didn't like was the wallpaper pasted on the walls in both the dining room & master bedroom. I for one, thought it went with the theme of the house and added lovely character, but I guess I wasn't the one who would of had a room covered in it... point taken, mom.

So we decided we'd have to paint it, I had no idea you could actually just paint over wallpaper and call it a day, I figured we'd have to rip it down or steam it to lift it, or soak the paper until it just fell off the walls. But apparently you don't have to do any of these drastic moves, lucky us!
You can simply just roll and paint away as you would do on any plain old normal wall. You just have to be careful though, that you don't saturate the wallpaper too much with paint or else the wallpaper will start to bubble, which is best avoided.

So we go to slappin' some paint onto the walls to cover the outdated paper. Here are before and after pictures & paint colors we decided on.

{Isn't my mom cute! She's the bald beauty. I'll share a
bit about her story sometime...}

I love love LOVE the color we {I} chose for the master it's somewhere in-between a bluey, purpley, grey. It's beyond gorgeous.
The color: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
{As seen on my Pinterest: HERE}
Somehow it turned out a lot darker in the room we painted, maybe it was due to the different lighting?

Now continuing onto project #2 of the day,
the even uglier wallpaper in the dining room...
 I figured I'd spare you the close up on this one.

Now this paint color is a little harder to describe, my moms friend Carey literally combined 3 different neutral tans and came up with this color. So it's a one-of-a-kind but it's basically just a neutral tan
{ Like this one or this one }
Stayed tuned for more renovations to come!
{there's more wallpaper to tackle}

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