Saturday, August 10, 2013


If you're out and about today {which you should be, 'cause it's Saturday WHOOP WHOOP}
and have been wanting to try out a new color in your home stop by an Ace Hardware and get a free quart of paint TODAY ONLY!! Let me repeat, FREE. The best part is, its not just one or 2 colors they're giving away here, you can bring in a paint chip or tell them the color you want {even if it's not a Clark + Kensington Paint} and they will match it to the exact color you want AND IT'S STILL FREE!
And as If it couldn't get better, there's primer already in all of the paints you get so you won't even have to buy primer!! This deal just couldn't get any better
*It's one per person per store
Today is the last Saturday they are running this promotion EVER, so take advantage of it while you can!!
Wanna hear a secret?
We got the grey paint we used to paint the master bedroom in our new house seen HERE
for free {last Saturday, when having another free paint Saturday}. We saved $75 on paint by going into 3 different Ace Hardwares and got a total of 6 free quarts or paint. Is that bad?
Well I hope not, 'cause we are doing the same thing today! Ha Ha Ha
So grab some friends or just some random people you find in the parking lot and get them all to ask for the color of paint you want and you'll paint a whole 1, 2, 3 rooms for free!!
Hey, in the long run you're just trying to support your local Ace Hardware and take advantage of the nice deals they're offering ;)
Have a great weekend!!

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