Thursday, October 16, 2014

PBA Open House

Guess where my Mom and I are headed right now! To the Palm Beach Atlantic University open house!! I could not be more excited (or nervous!). I get to meet a PBA student and spend the day with them! I'll get to be a pretend college student for two days! :) I get to sit on a class, eat in the dining hall, go to a Chapel service, attend an academic majors fair, meet professors, tour the campus, and stay the night in a dorm room! 
Phew! That was a lot.
It's going to be a crazy busy 2 days but I think it'll be so worth it. 
I can't wait for my Mom to see the school and fall in love with it just like I have.
I also think the whole experience will be a great test run for my first night away at college so I'll be more prepared, and I'll know what to expect next year. 
Oh, and I'll be sure to snap some pics of the beautiful campus to share with you guys!
Wish me luck!!
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  1. Have fun and good luck! Sounds like such a great time!


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