Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekly Wows

Brilliance Brilliance Post Earrings

1// Brighton Brilliance Post Earrings:
A couple weekends ago my step mom took a short trip to Georgia, and she came back bearing gifts!
She got me these beautiful and classic studs, that I can wear with practically anything. I absolutely adore love them! The hearts on the sides are the sweetest touch. I usually wear CZ studs 24/7, but I'm going to have to remember to take these off everyday before bed so they will last for years to come!

2// Chandelier by Sia:
How creepy and amazing is the dancer in this video?! She's 11, how crazy is that! Anyway, this song is my jam. I've been listening to it on repeat for the past few days; I just can't get enough of it. I've also been trying really hard to sing the song just like Sia, but according to my little brother (who screams at me to stop every time) I guess I'm not doing such a great job. 
Also, every time I listen to it, I can't help but think how much Sia sounds like Rihanna (like seriously they could be twin singing sisters or something). But hey, Rihanna's a pretty cool twin singing sister to have if you ask me! 

3// Associated Press (AP) App:
Maybe it's just me, but I like knowing what's going on in the world. When I took US History this past school year, it amazed me (in a bad way) how much I didn't know about my country. But I made up for lost time, and did well in the class. What also influenced me to keep up with the news was my teacher, she is so passionate about history and a huge believer in watching the news and reading the newspaper everyday. Not only have I taken to reading the newspaper most mornings, but I also have downloaded a few apps to keep me up to date of what's going on in the world. I have New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and AP News downloaded on my phone. AP is my favorite, because of the way the app is organized. I also love that it alerts me of breaking news so I never miss anything! The app is available on iPhone and Android devices! 

Sam and Libby

4// Sam and Libby for Target:
I'm finding more and more that practically the only sandals I wear are my Jack Rogers, and I love them, but I'm bored with them! I want more variety in my sandal choices, so I'm on the hunt for some new ones. These Sam and Libby sandals are at the top of my list! I've been dying for a brown pair of sandals and these ones look perfect and I don't have anything like them in my closet already! Don't even get me started about the silver and white pair, I love love love them.

5// Google Drive:
Now that I have a Google Chrome laptop (which I plan on doing a review on soon!) I've started using the Google Drive because that's what all the things on my laptop get saved too automatically. Well this week I found out there's a Google Drive app, which has been so fantastic for getting the photos from my laptop to my phone without me having to email them to myself a bazillion times. Basically it's like Dropbox (I think?!) but I've never used that either so I can't say for sure. All you do is drag files and pictures onto the Google drive website or app and then those items show up when you log into your Google drive account from anywhere or any device! How awesome is that?
* This post was inspired by The College Prepster blog

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