Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Everyday Arm Candy Look

Do you remember my post from a couple weeks ago about this Kate Spade bow bracelet, and the awesome deal I got it for? Well this is how I wear it! This combination of bangles, pearls, and white watch is part of my every day jewelry attire. I usually never leave the house without at least a couple of these pieces on, and the neutral colors match most (if not all) of my outfits. I really love the different colors, metals, and textures in this arm candy look!

Here's where each piece is from:

Are you an arm candy fan? What bracelets do you use to create your arm candy looks?


  1. Droooooooling over this arm candy. Classic.

  2. I absolutely love the bow! And i really wish I could find some reasonably priced pearl bracelets.

    1. Hi Kayla! Thanks for your comment! I'm such a sucker for anything with a bow!
      Yes you're right, pearl bracelets can be expensive but here are a couple more affordable options.

      Real pearls (which are on sale at 65% off!!) ::

      Faux pearls (which look really real if you ask me!) ::

      I hope this info helps your search for reasonably priced pearl bracelets!

  3. Some days I am and some days I'm not. Some days I'm an arm candy girl but I only make it half a day before it all comes off. ha. way cute tho!

  4. Arm candy, what are you a zombie?! Obviously kidding (maybe), that's just my woman-child showing.

    Find more laughs here:

  5. Absolutely adore that watch!


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