Monday, July 21, 2014

Coronado Houses

While we've been in Coronado the last few weeks I feel like every street we go down we see the cutest houses. The coolest thing is, no 2 homes look alike! They are seriously all unique and one-of-a-kind homes and they are all so so cute. They're are all types of styles. Some are Spanish Mediterranean, Modern, Traditional; you name it, Coronado has it!!
While bike riding down the streets (which I've done a ton of since I've been here!), I snapped pictures of some of my favorite houses. I think I had over 20 pictures by the time I was ready to write this post, because there's just so many incredible houses here, it's hard to pick favorites!

But seriously, doesn't this house look like a doll house not a real house!?  

I love the white fences! 

Some are adorned with flowers...

...while others house kid friendly items. 

Some look like they are from a completely different country.

I feel like this house should be in Arizona or Texas (or is it just me?).

This ones just plain adorable, and the chairs add a fun pop of color!

Can I just live in this one now, please?

I just realized most of the houses I took pictures of were blue and white. #sorrynotsorry
 I must say I do really love the color combo! It just seems so clean and classic.

Which house is your favorite? 


  1. Omg the one with the caption that some look like they're from different parts of the country is my absolute favorite house in Coronado! Even when I was little I wished I could live there haha. So gorg! Are you still there? Another house that I really like is by Albertsons and at night you can see inside and there's a big library, it's amazing.

  2. Oh, those white fences! So so sweet looking!

  3. now that looks like a cool place to live!

  4. WOAH! These houses are so beautiful and neat! Yeah the first one looks exactly like a doll house!


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