Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Perfect Grad Gift

Yes guys, it's that time of year again. Graduation time!! Unfortunately I'm not one of the ones graduating this year; I have 1 more year to go :( . A couple weeks ago my mom stumbled across a shop called Lisa Lovely Designs, and boy I'm sure glad she did. The shop is filled with cute preppy items and tons and tons of monograms! It seems like the time of year that everyone, is scrambling to find the perfect present. Some people want to get a present on the cheap, they want it to be creative, personal, practical, cute, and something the grad will love. Well, this present has all of those things!

Isn't the packaging just the cutest?! The owner of the shop did the packaging all herself. One of the grads we know is going to UCF in the fall, so she matched the ribbon accordingly, and when my mom gave the grad his gift the ribbon was the very first thing he noticed. It was such a personal touch that really tied the whole present together. 

What's inside the gift bags?

These adorable monogrammed laundry bags! They each have a drawstring tying off the top of the bag and there's also a shoulder strap so it's easier to carry from your dorm to the laundromat. An added bonus as well is the size of the laundry bags. They're huge. Just to fill them for this picture I had to stick 3 blankets in each! So there's plenty of room in them to hold all of your dirty laundry. Every college student (and basically every other person in the world) needs to do their laundry. So this is a great present for practically anyone and it's one that works for either a girl or a boy. You can adjust the color of the bag and the style of the monogram to not make it either more feminine or more masculine.

To make the present complete we included laundry detergent and quarters for their first load! 

Let's just be real here, the monograms are the cutest part!
I already told my mom I want one of these laundry bags for when I go off to college next year!

Do you know someone going off to college this year?
What other great gifts have you given to a grad?


  1. Bummer - I wish I would've had a cute idea like this before the seniors at our church graduated. I gave boring money. haha

  2. Nice blog and some cracking pictures. :-)

  3. This is a great gift to give a Graduate! Thanks for sharing..I especially like the quarters that are attached to the laundry detergent!


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