Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When The Office Depot Guy Saved The Day

Have A Laptop Or Computer? READ THIS.

My computers been acting out the last few days, ever since I downloaded what was suppose to be a new font for me to use on the blog. Yea yea yea I know it's a big computer no-no to download things you're not really sure about. But I really wanted the super cute font!!! Mistake #1, when I downloaded the thing that was suppose to get me the font I wanted it downloaded some "downloads organizer", I didn't sign up for.
Mistake #2, going back to Google and downloading {what I thought was} the font I wanted but from a different website. And guess what happened. Another freakin' download organizer appeared. And still the new font was no where to be found.

Long story short, after 2 days of my computer acting weird I finally started to consider I had done something wrong {imagine that} and was starting to fear the worse, that my poor baby {aka my laptop} had a virus. So I researched places that could maybe help me out and as a bonus not cost me an arm and a leg to get my computer back to normal.

Surprisingly, Staples and Office Depot popped up as places that could help me out in this desperate time. So I called a couple locations to see how busy it was, how long it would take, the cost, etc. I concluded I needed a "PC Tune Up". Both Staples and Office Depot offer the tune ups, so then I just had to choose one...

My findings:

Time based on diagnosis: 1-5 DAYS {ha, that's a joke}                         1-3 HOURS
Cost: $10                                                                                                      FREE
Location: 15 - 20 min. away                                                                         10 min.

In case it isn't obvious enough, I picked office depot. Btw, who the heck is gonna give their laptop up for days and days? No one, is the correct answer. Come on Staples.
Anyway, I have to say I was SO happy with everything the Office Depot people did and I had an overall super experience. My hero, Ronnie {the tech guy} checked over my computer, and diagnosed it with having a minor bug, due to the stupid font things I downloaded. He said he would fix it no problem, but that he would have to run a program to clear it out which would take a couple hours. So I left him to it, and then came back a few hours later {after having him work on my computer for almost 3 hours} and my computer was magically fixed and back to its old self.
He told me he had cleared out unnecessary files I didn't need that were probably slowing down my computers performance a bit, he had also exterminated the bug {hahahah get it} in my computer, and had installed the office depot PC Support System that will now automatically clean out my computer {like he had to do} weekly so that all bugs and unneeded items are cleared out so that my computer can always be in tip-top shape.
Ronnie had made my day, I even felt the urge to hug him, but he seemed like kind of a shy dude so I didn't want to freak him out. If you've ever had your computer all of a sudden stop working correctly and you've gone into panic mode fearing your bundle of joy could be infected with a virus and that it can't be fixed, and then you have a nightmare that you'll lose all your pictures and documents and happy memories that are saved on your device and to top off the unbearable thought, you may end up having to spend hundreds of dollars in order to get a new computer that's virus free.


Your heart just sped up a little, didn't it?

Well the good news is, Office Depot is there to save the day if your computer starts acting up.
Which is the whole point of this very wordy post. To spread the word about Office Depots incredible tech team that can help you with any computer problem you may have!

 OH! and I almost forgot!! My whole excursion at Office Depot, with wonderful Ronnie working on my computer for hours {which ended up not being just a "tune up"} and installing the Office Depot PC Support Program, all turned out to be FREEEE! That's right, it didn't even cost me one dolla! and Ronnie wouldn't even take a tip! {or a hug for that matter!} BOOOYAHHH!

And along with fixing my computer, Ronnie also gave me a few helpful tips.

Tips From Ronnie:

  1. Try not to ever use Internet Explorer. Use either Google Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer has been out a lot longer than the other 2 programs so it's more prone to having viruses and bugs that are dangerous for your computer.
  2. You should clean out your computer every couple of weeks or at least once a month. A lot of unwanted junk/clutter can build up in your computer that will end up slowing it down, and no one likes a slow computer. You can clean it out yourself or visit your local Office Depot and have them install the "Office Depot PC Support Agent" where you can set it to automatically clean out your PC.
  3. Always have an antivirus program on your computer. Mine expired about a month ago, so I'm up for renewal! Ronnie recommend the McAfee antivirus software.

I hope this post helped you and offered some valuable info on how to keep your computer healthy and virus free!

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  1. This is great Natalie . I once ended up downloading a wrong file zipper that zipped/unzipped-or-whatever to my WHOLE computer system . It removed every single data on it . My aunt fixed it but I didn't get it back . Sad story!


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