Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Best Stain Remover EVER

This stuff is magical, magical I tell you!
My step mom shared one of her little secrets with me, and I'm sooo glad she did, I have been stain free ever since.
Dawn dishwashing detergent, it's the stuff made by stain fighting gods. I've only used the green kind, so I can't tell you how the blue, yellow, or any other colored Dawn soaps work. But I can tell you that this stuff has made grass, blood, food, and coffee stains vanish right before my very eyes.
If you still don't believe me, listen to this story (It's a true story):
On the first day of 11th grade, 2 Mondays ago, I was all dressed head-to-toe white shirt, black jeans, and white shoes, and 5 min. away from leaving home and embarking on my first day of junior year. After having my morning cup o joe, I was walking to the kitchen, coffee in hand, and suddenly felt something warm on my stomach. Yes, that's right I spilled coffee all over my solid white shirt and narrowly missed staining my white shoes. About ready to cry, I stripped my shirt and immediately soaked my shirt with water and then dribbled Dawn dishwashing soap all over the stained area. Between massaging it in and rinsing repeatedly with water, 95% of it came out! I threw it in the dryer and 5 min. later taa-daa! The stain was gone.
How to have your stains magically disappear:
(works best with stains that haven't gone through the dryer yet)
1. wet stained area
2. dribble small amount of Dawn Dishwashing Soap
3. massage into stain or scrub it with a toothbrush
4. repeat and add water until stain is gone
5. throw in the washer as normal or throw in dryer for quick wear
Have a happy stain free day!!

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