Saturday, August 17, 2013

Natalie's Style: Possibly The Perfect Dress


My incredible Aunt Beth sent me this simple but gorgeous maxi dress. When I pulled up to my house yesterday afternoon and saw the yellow package sitting on my door step waiting to be opened, it instantly made my whole day.
She told me a few weeks ago that she had seen this dress on another lady and just had to have it. She ran into Forever 21 to see if they had any left, they did thank goodness, and she instantly fell in love {I can see why} and bought a black, green, and blue one.
Usually when I purchase things at Forever 21 {even though I adore the store and the clothes it beholds} you can feel the cheap fabric the moment you slide it on. But that wasn't the case with this dress, it has a light but stretchy fabric that is breathable but not too sheer where you need a slip, it's comfortable and moves with your body not against it. It's perfect for the upcoming fall months, where you can stay warm with the long sleeves but also roll them up in the spring and summer months. If that doesn't have you convinced, just wait till you see the price {such a steal}. 
Grab this dress before it's gone! As my Aunt said to me, it's timeless and you'll be able to wear it for years to come.

You could really wear this dressed up or dressed down. Add a Moto Jacket , scarf, and boots, for a fall time look, that will also keep you warm! Or wear it with sandals and a long or chunky necklace.
Just add your own personal style! You can't go wrong with this dress. 

Soda Brand Wedges
I couldn't find the exact ones online but these are similar:

Nope, you're not reading that wrong. That is the actual price!

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