Friday, July 19, 2013

My Everyday Books

The 5 year journal

A cool way to see how you change year after year. You answer one question a day for one year and then at the start of a new year you answer all the questions all over again and you compare your new answers to the previous years ones. To further explain my love for this journal, a lot of it's about how I'm not always spectacular about writing in a journal (aka diary) daily, and the 5 year journal is a way of recording things going on in your life without writing paragraphs and paragraphs on end.

Q & A a Day: 5-Year Journal    

One Good Deed a Day 

This is one of those feel good books, that have no other purpose than to simply brighten your day, or someone elses, by giving you a little task to do while you go along with your day.


Jesus Calling
A little dose of Jesus a day can never hurt. Jesus calling is a great way to get a tid bit of the bible in during your hectic day, and to lift you up on those not-so-great days.


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