Monday, April 7, 2014


Today is my 17th birthday, and naturally my favorite day of the year! Seventeen has hit me a little harder than my previous birthdays. I don't know why, but seventeen just sounds old to me. I think this year it's finally hitting me that I'm not longer a kid, I'm growing up, and it's mind boggling to me that I'll be a legal adult in 1 year. How did I grow up so fast? Where does all the time go? 
Aside from my growing up crisis, I have a good feeling about 17. It's the year I'll find out what college I'm going to attend, It's the year I'll embark on my final year in high school (whoop! whoop!), It's a year where I hope to become closer to God, It's a year where I hope this blog will continue to grow, and it's a year for many new memories to be made. I can't wait to see what 17 has in store for me.

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  1. Happy birthday! Enjoy your day and make the most of all the wonderful moments and memories at your age :)

  2. Happy Birthday friend! Wow, yours is today and mine is tomorrow; SWEET! almost exactly 10 years apart. ha

  3. Oh my goodness! I could have sworn you were older than 17! Happy birthday, love!

  4. What a wonderful daughter you are! I am sooo proud of you sweetie! You are a beautiful person inside and out and I am sooo proud to be your Mom. Had a great weekend celebrating you!
    xoxo Mom


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