Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sell & Swap Clothes on Vinted

So a few weeks ago I did a huge clean out of my closet. I kept trying to figure out ways I could sell my clothes. I've tried Ebay and people seriously only bid on .99 cent items, and when it costs more to ship the item than your actual profit you might as well not waste your time posting it in the first place. I also tried Poshmark and I liked it but the flat shipping rate was was $8, which was absurd, especially if you bought something like a 2 oz necklace. So after all the disappointment and still 2 garbage bags overflowing with clothes, I finally found Vinted and I haven't looked back since. Just to give you an idea of my surprising success with the app, since I've been selling on Vinted I've sold more items in one month than I did on Ebay and Poshmark combined in one year. I love how easy it is to post, sell and swap items! Oh and transferring the money you made from sales straight into your bank account couldn't be easier. Now you want to be apart of the fun too right? Download the app asap and start posting your unwanted clothes! You'll be amazed at how easy it is to post and sell items in a jiffy.

Don't forget to check out my items for sale!

ATNC Closet
ATNC Closet
I'd love to swap clothes with you! Sign up on Vinted and follow me @shopaholic18


  1. Hey Natalie, I enjoyed reading your post. I also think that it is good to sell clothes online instead of storing them uselessly. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. We're creating a clothes swapping community called reKindness. We are accepting requests for early access :) You share items to earn credits and then you can spend those credits on anyone else's item--- so you don't have to negotiate to swap. Check us out :)


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