Friday, January 24, 2014

Good Good Jewelry Etsy Shop

I've always loved pearls. I love how polished and sophisticated they can make any outfit look. I think they are a true timeless piece that's worth investing in, because they are the sort of thing that will never go out of style!

So when I began my search around Etsy for a genuine freshwater pearl necklace, I was super surprised by what I thought were high prices, ranging between $50 - $150. This deal lovin' garage sale diva doesn't spend that kinda moola on one necklace. But then again I did want genuine pearls not the fake plastic kind.

So I searched and searched around and came across an Etsy shop called "Good Good Jewelry". I skimmed the shop and was amazed by all of the pearl jewelry and the INCREDIBLE prices! I figured they must all be fake pearls, so I messaged her and asked straight up if her items were made with fake or real pearls. She answered me right away and said all her pieces were made of genuine freshwater pearls, except for one pair of earrings which she attached a photo of in the message and explained that they were made out of sea pearls not freshwater pearls.

I hit the jackpot of amazingly priced freshwater pearl jewelry!
Her pieces are absolutely beautiful!
Seriously, you won't believe the prices AND there's free shipping!!!!!
Check out the gorgeous items I ordered from her below!



It was a tough choice, but I decided on getting the long 46" pearl necklace and a pair of pearl studs. Ke, the owner of the shop, sent me the second pair of smaller pearl studs as a free gift! :) Thanks Ke!! :) I haven't taken the earrings off since I got them! Not only are they beautiful but they are also safe for your ears. The posts are sterling silver so they won't aggravate your ears at all!

Make sure you check out the Good Good Jewelry shop on Etsy HERE!

Let me know if you are as pearl obsessed as I am!

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  1. I love the pearls!
    And the views of your backyard (?) have me super jealous!!!

  2. You look so pretty , diva <3 <3 I love pearls!

  3. Ah it is wonderful!! I am a true sucker for pearls, too!! I need to get a pair of white real ones! I only have ivory right now, from my grandmother.


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