Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thank You Notes

As you can tell from the Snail Mail Collective Post, I'm an old fashioned girl. In the sense that I I love to receive and send letters. Now a days with email and texting, people rarely send hand written thank you notes. It seems like an almost prehistoric action, to actually take the time to find a card, write a message, place a stamp on it, and toss it in your mailbox. A lot of time the thought of 'why can't I just send them a quick thank you text and be done with it?' Well here's why, it's so much more meaningful to receive a handwritten thank you card in the mail than to receive a meaningless two-worded text. When someone takes the time to go out and buy a gift for you, the least you can do is take 10 minutes {yes, that's all the time it takes!} to write a meaningful thank you note, that will probably make the recipients day, maybe even week! And as a bonus, they will probably be more likely to buy you gifts in the future.
With the gift giving season approaching, it's the perfect time to try out the art of sending a thank you note! If you're thinking, 'hmmm I want to try this whole sending thank you notes thing out but don't have any thank you cards and don't want to spend a bunch of money on them'. DON'T FRET! I am the queen of finding great deals aren't I? {The correct answer is yes} Which is why I'm going to share a secret with you... you see all the cute cards & perfectly matching envelopes in the picture above? Well, everyone one of them is from the dollar section at Target and only cost a buck each!! A set of 5-8 cards AND matching envelopes come in a pack FOR ONLY A BUCK! That's a steal. You can make someones day for only 4 quarters and show your total appreciation for what they did or gave you this holiday season. 

Are you old fashioned like me and love to send & receive letters? 

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  1. I'm currently trying to kick a nasty habit I've had since childhood - writing thank you notes and letters and never sending them! I'm forcing myself to do Christmas cards but I must admit I still have 3 save the dates for my wedding to send (I didn't know people in my fiance's family existed so I didn't know to invite them!) I agree, Thank You cards are wonderful!

  2. I agree 110%! I always try to write thank you notes when I get gifts:)

  3. I totally agree. It doesn't take long to send a letter even though for some reason it always seems like an intimidating task. It's always worth it though! And thank you notes are always really special.

  4. I have always been a text/email kind of girl but when taking part in the SMC I loved the handwritten postcards sent along with the gifts!

  5. I love texting but there's nothing better than a real letter from someone you care about. I can't explain, it but it's just so much fun to go to the mailbox and see a letter from a friend has arrived <3
    xoxo -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  6. My mom always taught me to write thank you notes, and I strongly agree. I know some may think it takes too much time, but in reality it really only takes about 10 minutes max of your time. But if you think about it, the person who gave you something or helped with something took plenty of time to do that, so the little time to write a thank you is much minor when it comes to the time it takes. I love receiving thank you notes, especially because they are so rare!

    xo love this post! and just found your blog!


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