Sunday, October 13, 2013

How To Make Your Phone A Piece Of Art

 Art may be too strong of a word for this I admit and some of you art critics out there may not think this is classified as art like a Monet or Picasso master piece! So keep your comments to yourself. But I classify basically anything colorful and creative, a piece of art!
 So here we go, the cool thing is you don't have to have an iPhone to do this DIY (yes, this is an android friendly post!), it will work for any phone and you could also do this with a tablet or maybe even a laptop (if you have the patience!).
This is a follow up from the Washi Tape Notecard Post I did a few weeks
ago. As you may of guessed, I am in loveeee with the this washi tape stuff and I keep finding new ways to use it!!!
{so this probably won't be the last post on it, sorry if you're not diggin' these posts, but that's why this is my blog and not yours:} Yes I'm sassy and happy today because I've had one too many cups of coffee... oops.
Now back to the post, all you have to do is pick out whichever tapes you fancy most, and measure or just pull a Natalie and cut them to the correct size by precisely winging it, the object is to cut the right size piece that will fit on the back of your phone, tablet, or laptop without it being just a hair too short or too long where you have to possibly start all over with a new piece of tape.
FYI, The tape won't damage or leave that annoying sticky stuff when you decide to take it off. Once you get the right length of tape strips and decide on the pattern you like, go ahead and stick it on your device!
And Voila, you're an artist!!!

If you're like me and can't go a day with a naked (aka case-less) phone, in fear of dropping it once and having the entire phone shatter and basically die right before your very eyes, then I have a solution for you!
Stick a case on it that has a clear or see through back like this one...

Now your little bundle of joy is not just cute and artsy, but also protected!
It couldn't really get any better, could it?
Here are a couple cases with clear backs:


  1. That is so pretty! I never would have thought of that. Tapes like that aren't super popular here yet, but I'm sure I could find some if I looked hard enough :)


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