Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Conquering Mountains and Such

While I was visiting San Diego and Coronado California a couple weeks ago I decided to embark on round 2 of my mountain climbing experiences in San Diego. My Aunt Beth and I headed out to the Mission Trails Regional Park where my cousin Matt works as a Ranger. We weren't planning on hiking at all, just doing a casual stroll through the mountains and surrounding trails. Well, we did a little more than that, we hiked (ok, maybe only half way up) the Kwaay Paay Mountain, found historical bowls made by early Indian settlers, hiked to the dried up San Diego River, and managed to not run into any Mountain Lions on the way. Hey, not too bad for only an hour!

To the right is Kwaay Paay mountain {Yes that's right, I'm not talking about some small hill here}

My beautiful Auntie posing on the "lookout rock"

This is the little piece of history we stumbled across (literally). They are ancient bowls, the Qui Paye Indians dug out of ginormous boulders to prepare food in.

Had to stop for a picture of course... :)

Can you say gorgeeouussss?!?!

The sweet steps to victory...


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