Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Nails!


*Sorry In advandace for the not so great pictures with flash, It was the only way I could get the nail designs to show up really well in the pictures!
So, to show my patriotic spirit for the upcoming 4th of July holiday I thought I'd sport a funky nail design! I didn't want to settle for the regular boring poka-dots or stripes. So I decided to tape up my nails (literally) and do a not-so-ordinary geometric design!
 This is how I did it:

Items you're going to need:
1. tape (I used clear scotch tape)
2. scissors
3. red, white, blue, and clear nail polish
I used the colors Essie First Dance, Wet n' Wild in white, Urban Outfitters nail polish in Blue Velvet, Essie top coat.
You don't have to use the colors I used! Just use any red, white, or blue colors you have in your nail polish collecion.
1. Figure out what color you want to be your base color (red, white, or blue). I used my blue as the base color, just because it's my favorite color of the 3 I'm using.
2. Paint all your nails the base color. Let it dry.
3. Once your nails are dry, cut skinny strips of tape and stick them to the edge of a table.
4. Follow the picture below and place tape on your nails how you see it below.
tape nail art
5. Paint over your nails and tape with the other 2 colors you have left. I started with my thumb and did white, then my pointer finger red, etc. If you want to get really creative you can use all 3 colors on one nail (by painting one half of the nail one color and the other half the other color)
6. Let dry
Tip: For this particular nail design you HAVE to let your nails dry VERY well. Give them AT LEAST an hour. Once an hour passed, I sprayed my nails with Pam (yes Pam cooking spray) and then wiped it off to help them dry faster. I also, ran my nails under cold water. These are just little tricks I do, because I can't stand waiting for my nails to dry!
7. Once you're confident they are dry, carefully peel off the tape, if  you see that the paint is still tacky or coming up with the tape STOP and let them dry more!
8. Once you get all the tape off, admire your amazing work and slick on a clear coat of polish.
9. Enjoy!!




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